Catalina Island is an exceptional place for one to embark on their journey of self healing.
Our facility incorporates the beauty and spirit of Catalina
by using native rocks and natural aromas found all around the island.
Relax and unwind to the sounds of soft music and trickling water.
A Touch of Heaven allows our clients (even if just for an hour)
to escape from the everyday stresses of daily living by relaxing in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
We welcome you to discover heavenly touch with one of our specially designed massage or facial services.
Treat yourself to one of our wonderful massage services designed to help facilitate relaxation and healing through touch.
An aromatic medium pressure full body massage, using therapeutic grade essential oils
for relief of tension and improved circulation.

30 min. $50 ~ 60 min. $85 ~ 90 min. $115
**Deep Tissue Massage $10 extra**

Treat you and your sweetie to an aromatic full body Swedish massage
in our double candle-lit room.

*Our Signature Treatment!*
60 min. $180/couple ~ 90 min. $240

Extensive hand & foot reflexology massage with essential oil lotions.
Leaves hands and feet incredibly soft & smooth.

45 min. $55

Combine Swedish and Thai (Sweet Thai ). This service incorporates stretching and acupressure for
ultra pain relief and relaxation.

60 min. $105 ~ 90 min. $135

Acupressure is applied to trouble spots on your body, releasing tension and chronic pain.
Stretching is then utilized to restore natural flexibility to muscles and movement of connective tissues.

60 min. $95

Find relief from migraines to allergies, with this ancient remedy.
Wax coated cones are slowly burned to draw out toxins through the ear.
Additional treatments are recommended.

90 min. $125 ~ Follow up $35 ea. (approx. 30 min.)

Studies show that children can greatly benefit from massage.
It increases circulation for immune support and helps to relieve anxiety and tension.
Treat your kids to heavenly touch.

30 min. $45

LaStone massage therapy utilizes heated and frozen marble stones producing alternately sedative and
re-energizing responses in the body. Deeply relaxing as well as balancing.

90 min. $150 ~ 120 min. $185

Detoxify, exfoliate and nourish your body with our relaxing mud, sealed in a warm wrap.
While deeply relaxed, you will be treated to hand and foot reflexology and an invigorating scalp massage.

1 hour $105 ~ Add 30 minute ~ Lotion massage. $135

Relaxing oils are applied along the spine to soothe and calm.
Lymphatic massage oil softens skin to begin the polish,
removing dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and supple.
Finished with a hydrating mineral mask.

1 hour $80 ~ Add 30 minute ~ Lotion massage $110

Vita Flex, reflexology massage with pure essential oils applied over vital points along the spine and feet.
Helps to align energy centers and release blockages without the use of hard pressure.

1 hour $80 ~ Add 30 minute ~ Lotion massage $110

Pamper your tired feet with this extensive massage and essential oil scrub.
1/2 hour $40 ~ Hand Massage $25

Scalp massage to improve circulation; increasing blood and oxygen supply to the scalp
and reducing stress and mental fatigue. Followed by an invigorating peppermint scalp conditioning treatment.

30 minutes $40

Enjoy an aromatic full body Swedish massage, reflexology on the hands & feet
with essential oil lotions, finished with an conditioning peppermint scalp massage.

60 min. $105

Revitalize your hands, feet and scalp with this all-in-one service.
Hand & foot reflexology with a lavender foot scrub, followed by an invigorating peppermint scalp massage.

60 min. $85 ~ 60 min. $105

Revitalize your skin with Paul Scerri’s facial nourishment.
An Aromatic service that uses pure essential oils and is customized for your skin type.
Our Basic Facial includes a gentle cleansing under steam, enzymatic exfoliation,
extractions, treatment mask and
upper body massage including hands.

60 min. $85

This is the ultimate Facial! This service incorporates the laStone therapy into the Facial.
Relax with heated stones while enjoying a customized facial with Paul Scerri’s facial nourishment.
This service utilizes warm stones producing a sedating effect throughout the body.

90 min. $115

This facial is designed for age spots, sun damaged skin and any other discoloration of the skin.
60 min. $95

Cleansing under steam, enzymatic exfoliation, extractions, upper body massage and
a treatment mask designed for your skin type.
This facial is designed for the man who enjoys relaxing and a deep cleanse.

60 min. $85

This facial incorporates the benefits of a acid peel and a hyper-pigmentation mask for optimal results.
60 min. $105

If you have red, distressed skin, then this facial is for you.
This botanical cocktail will hydrate and nourish your sensitive skin.

60 min. $95

These peels are customized to your skin type. Great for Acne, Dry/Dehydrated skin, and fine lines,
Yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.
This service incorporates your Basic Facial with deep exfoliation.

60 min. $105

Perfect for summer time! All the benefits of a regular facial but on your back.
60 min. $85

You may incorporate any of the following items into your full service massage or facial service to enhance it.
**Does not increase length of massage service.**

4 oz Essential Oil Blend $10
Peppermint Scalp Treatment $15
Essential Oil Honey Facial Treatment $15
Reiki Session $20
Reflexology Hands & Feet $25
Raindrop Therapy $35

Gentlemans Facial, Deep Tissue Massage, Foot Treatment
2.5 hrs. $180

Childrens Massage, Mini Facial, Hand & Foot Treatment, Gift
1.75 hrs $135

European Facial, Back Facial, Paul Scerri Body Wrap
3.5 hrs $285

Two Facials (European or Gentlemans), Two Swedish Massages, Two Foot Treatments, Gift
2.00 hrs $330

LaStone Facial, Swedish Massage, Paul Scerri Body Polish, Paul Scerri Mudwrap,
Hand & Foot Treatment, Lite lunch, Gift

5.5 hrs. $400

European Facial, Swedish Massage, Hand & Foot Treatment, Body Polish
3.5 hrs. $275

European Facial, Swedish Massage, Foot Treatment
2.25 hrs. $180

European Facial, Paul Scerri Mud Wrap
2.25 hrs. $200
Reservations will be held by a credit card or gift certificate only. We require a 24 hour cancellation notice. Any cancellation after that time or failure to show up for an appointment will result in a 50% charge of the service scheduled.

Evening appointments are available by advance reservations only.

Prices subject to change.



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